Fixed in Firefox 3.0.12 (security issues)

We strongly recommend the update to Firefox 3.0.12 or Firefox 3.5.1 .
Firefox 3.0.12 fixes several security issues found in Firefox 3.0.11 (5 Critical, 1 High):

Fixed in Firefox 3.0.12 :

MFSA 2009-40 Multiple cross origin wrapper bypasses
MFSA 2009-39 setTimeout loses XPCNativeWrappers
MFSA 2009-37 Crash and remote code execution using watch and __defineSetter__ on SVG element
MFSA 2009-36 Heap/integer overflows in font glyph rendering libraries
MFSA 2009-35 Crash and remote code execution during Flash player unloading
MFSA 2009-34 Crashes with evidence of memory corruption (rv:1.9.1/