vQmod: Add store title to all pages in opencart

How do I add my store’s name to all pages (product, manufacturer, information etc) in Opencart?

Product Name | My Store Name
Manufacturer Name | My Store Name
Account Login | My Store Name

Here is a quick vQmod extension for opencart which adds your store’s name automatically to all pages (for SEO).

Open your favorite editor (e.g sublime), create the


copy the xml code below, paste it in you file, save it and upload it to


folder inside your opencart installation. Do not forget to replace ” | My Store Name” with yours.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<id>Add Store Name at the end of title tag</id>
<vqmver required="true">2.4.0</vqmver>
<author>nikos.branis [at] kanenas.net</author>
<file name="system/library/document.php" error="log">
<operation error="skip">
<search position="replace"><![CDATA[$this->title = $title;]]></search>
<add><![CDATA[$this->title = $title . ' | My Store Name';]]></add>

Tested in Opencart v., v. but I think it will work for all versions between them.

TODO: Make this vQmod work for more than one language (multi-language stores).