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Cholesterol Levels 2010 (= Greek Easter)

See the photos as a slide-show in Flickr.com.

// Set your Cholesterol Level before executing the script!
// Uncomment the next line.
// $Cholesterol = 240;
if (!isset($Cholesterol) || $Cholesterol=='') {
echo 'This is good!';
} else {
if ($Cholesterol<200) {
echo 'Desirable level. Low risk for coronary heart disease.';
} elseif ($Cholesterol>=200 && $Cholesterol<240) {
echo 'Borderline high!';
} else {
echo '<strong>DANGER!</strong> High blood cholesterol!';


Ελλήνων Πάσχα

I was always wondering if there is a place in the world (except Greece and the Greek Communities around the world), where you can have all these “goodies”…

OK. Now i know the answer…

Powered by the… Cook himself !  😉