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Track My Weather v.0.5 – Facebook Application

Track My Weather v.0.5

Added horizontal menu (Track My Weather, Invite Friends, Fan Box).
Fixed a height issue with some browsers.

Track My Weather is a Facebook Application with which you can find weather forecasts for cities all over the world.
Data are provided by AccuWeather.

Our goal is to create an application that is easy to use and no need for facebook users to worry about their privacy!

So, Track My Weather will be under development for some time…

You can add the application…

Become a Fan…

We can use all the feedback we can get!

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PHP UK Conference 2010

PHP UK Conference 2010

PHP UK Conference 2010 is PHP London‘s fifth annual conference.

When: Friday 26th February 2010
Where: Business Design Centre, London
Talks about:

– AntiPHPatterns

– Best practices for web service design- Database optimisation

– Hidden features – from core to PECL

– ‘In search of…’  integrating local search systems

– Living with legacy code

PHP 5.3 in practice

PHP code audits

PHP on the D-BUS

– RDBMS in the social networks age

– Regex-fu

– The lost art of simplicity

– Would you like docs with that?

Attending: ?!?!


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